estined to become a classic, Fly Fishing British Columbia is already a Best Seller. This unique book presents the knowledge of dozens of BC fly fishing experts in a format rarely achieved in fly fishing literature.

  • Any single page of this book explains more than entire chapters of traditional books.
  • Hundreds of intricately detailed drawings depict exactly what happens underwater.
  • The marriage of text and illustration explains complex mechanisms at a glance.
  • The book incorporates the wisdom, lore and first-hand knowledge of a group whose names read like a who's who of Western fly fishing.
  • Highlighted tips from the West's best fly fishers provide personalized insights on a wealth of specific situations.
  • More than 90 color photographs present the signature patterns of 44 recognized leading-edge anglers.
  • Drawings feature more than 80 top producing fly patterns plus tying recipes and expert advice on how and where to fish them.
  • Learn precisely which fly to use for salmon, steelhead, trout, char and bass.
  • Crisp, clear instruction on appropriate fishing strategies covers hundreds of situations which apply anywhere in the world.

This book demystifies the intricacies of angling with a fly in lake, stream and saltwater - all the information needed to start fishing successfully this year and for years to come.

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