Fly Fishing British Columbia

The best seller Fly Fishing British Columbia is a unique book that presents the knowledge of dozens of BC fly fishing experts in a colorful and easy to reader format. In addition to extensive fly fishing knowledge, including fly fishing tips and techiques, we'll introduce you to British Columbia incredible freshwater and saltwater destinations, plus the signature fly patterns of some of BC's most respected fly fishers.

The artwork of Debra Bevaart depicts the aquatic environment in exquisite detail. Renowned Canadian artist Ken Kirkby made available a vast selection of his many fine angling works. Photographer Ian Roberts not only had the exacting standards required to do justice to the book’s color section, he is also an avid fly fisher and writer.

Fly Fishing British Columbia demystifies the intricacies of angling with a fly in lake, stream and saltwater - all the information needed to start fishing successfully this year and for years to come. And, no matter where in the world you cast a fly, you're sure to find information in this book that is sure to apply.

Fly Fishing British Columbia is a collaborative effort on the part of the fly fishing community of British Columbia. Blending the voices of 15 main contributors, all acknowledged experts with almost 500 years of BC fly fishing experience among them, the book distills their knowledge as well as the wisdom, lore, art and science of the many fine anglers who blazed the trails we continue to explore today.

No single writer could have produced this multi-faceted work, nor could the contributors have achieved the level of detail revealed in these pages without the collected fly fishing knowledge left by those who went before. In this respect the book is a celebration of British Columbia’s angling heritage and so becomes a bridge between the past and present.

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